Watch out now, take care

“Beware of greedy leaders. They take you where you should not go.” George Harrison, Beware of Darkness

George Harrison is the best. I like all members of The Beatles, all three of them plus Ringo Starr, but Harrison is a step in front. His songs with The Beatles are special and I also like his solo albums more than those of Paul McCartney or John Lennon, but what impresses me the most is the way he carried himself. Whenever I brush up on Beatles’ history I always get the impression that Harrison led the lifestyle that he wanted, while the others were influenced by their status. Harrison’s the one I would’ve liked to have met, no doubt about it.

Beware of the thoughts that linger. Winding up inside your head. The hopelessness around you.”

When I heard in 2011 that Martin Scorsese was going to follow-up his Rolling Stone documentary Shine A Light with one about the life of George Harrison I was ecstatic. As soon as George Harrison: Living in the Material World came out I went with two friends to see it in the only cinema in the city that was showing it, an 11 pm passing of this three and a half hour documentary. It was completely worth it, just a great plan for a random Wednesday.

The documentary is well made, but even if it hadn’t been I’m pretty sure I would’ve liked it. It’s just so much Harrison condensed in one film, it’s incredible. Musicians like Tom Petty or Eric Clapton pop in for interesting anecdotes, but mostly you enjoy the focus on Harrison, a guy so talented and creative that even after having been a part of the Beatles you could argue he’s underrated. I thanked Tom before, now I have to do the same with Martin, thanks.

So for the rest of that month practically all I listened to was George Harrison, I played his solo albums and made sure my MP3 player (this was a good 5 years after my discman days mentioned in yesterday’s post) included all his songs with the Beatles. There are a few of his songs which I like better that Beware of Darkness, but for some reason they included a live performance of it during the documentary which I really liked. So before I continue rambling on about the great George Harrison…

“Beware of darkness”

13 thoughts on “Watch out now, take care

  1. Absolutely loved that documentary! It also contains some of the best marriage advice ever, on the part of Olivia Harrison. To the question “what is the secret to a long marriage?” she replied “Stay married”.

  2. I remember listening intently to The Concert for Bangladesh – always skipping over the Shankar ragas side in order to hear the G. Harrison songs…
    I have always loved Harrison’s part in the fourfold magnificence of the Beatles…

  3. A lovely post in memory of a truly great man. I had the privilege of visiting George at his home in Henley on many occasions in the 70’s and 80’s and think of him often. Your observation that GH was disinterested in his status (to paraphrase you), is correct I’m quite certain. He gave as much time and consideration to ordinary folk (like me), as he gave to everyone else. A gracious, deeply considerate, uniquely talented and highly amusing man who left this earth a poorer place for his absence. Isn’t it a pity?

    • I would’ve loved to have met George! That must have been fun. It’s nice to hear that he was a considerate guy, I imagine most (maybe even me) would have turned out must worse after what he lived through as a world famous musician. I definitely think few artists today are people who I’d want to meet or who I think are influencing others the way somebody like Harrison did. So I definitely agree his absence is a pity, I hope his legacy doesn’t wear off too much. All the best!

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