About this blog

I started this blog because I wanted to force myself to write.

It’s not because I have opinions I need to express or because there’s a community with which I want to engage, it’s because I just want to write. It’s something I love to do that I don’t do enough.

It’s been about 10 years since my first girlfriend, a lovely girl, and I think it’s time I look back on these years and see what I remember. I know I had an incredible childhood, I know that my teenage years were a lot of fun, but I also know that the jury’s already out on those and I’ll always have fond memories. I doubt 20 years from now I’ll be realizing that I’ve had a fucked up childhood. However, the last 10 years are a different story.

Right now I’m certain that my last 10 years have been the best in my life, but will I always think so? What will I think when I begin to factor in unfulfilled expectations, mistakes, deaths or compromises? I have no idea.

So I’ve decided to start this blog and see what I can remember, hoping that writing about memories can trigger new ones I’ve already forgotten. I realize the best way for me to do this is through the songs that were there along the way. I’ve always loved music and, like everyone else, consider myself to have the best taste in it. So combining music with personal memories about girlfriends, friends and family just makes sense (I think).

I remember you well, because there’s a song somewhere that reminds me of you.

145 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I think your reason for blogging is pretty damned cool…and your tag line “Things were happening… and I remember there was music playing.” sets the tone. Good idea to document the memories…who knows what your perspective will be in 20 years?

  2. Hello there, an intriguing blog you have there. I am pleased you liked mine and have been wondering if you picked up on the music references I use a great deal, that is after reading some of your lines.

    Good luck with our blog.

      • Ha, you will have to explain which parts your referring to. Always seem to have plenty to post about and things just popping up I need to do. Hard to keep track without my memory deciding to go blank every once in a while. (A condiition known as Fibrofog and a symptom of my Fibromyalgia I am afraid)

  3. Music is a very effective way to give those memories a “jump start.” Especially, considering the music that you have chosen to feature so far. The version of “Cowgirl in the Sand” that you posted is such an excellent choice. I have watched him sing “Heart of Gold,” from that same session over and over again.

    You have a really nice “place” here and the “entertainment” can’t be beat. This looks like the perfect place for you to let the music play and inspire you while it triggers those memories.

    Good luck as you set off to “memory lane.” You have chosen a fine way to re-experience your life and your “self.”

    Keep posting “your” music while telling your story. I know that I’ll be back to have a listen.

    All, the best to you.

    • Thanks a lot! Yours has been one of the most thoughtful comments I’ve received since starting this blog (only about 10 days ago) and I really appreciate the support. I think I’ll definitely keep writing for a while because I’m having a great time digging for memories and fishing up some of my favorite songs, I’m glad there are people along the way getting a kick out of it too. Thanks a lot and I hope we cross paths again! All the best

      • I feel certain that we will “cross paths again.”

        In the meantime, do know that there, most certainly, “are” people getting a major “kick” out of it. After I left your blog, I had to go pull up my Neil Young playlist and listen to the entire “Harvest” album and then, “Transformer Man” ( the “Un-Plugged” version).

        Your entire blog has the “feel” of bittersweet (mostly sweet) nostalgia and reflects your declared theme very well. You “Nailed” it.

        Music has always played a major role in my life, and I love sharing great music with anyone who cares to listen.

        There is so much “great music” out there, to be found and shared. So, I, like you, spend a lot of time at the “fishing” hole. Maybe, I’ll see you there.

      • Just got through an afternoon of Transformer Man (unplugged as you mentioned) popping up several times along with other other Young songs! See you at the hole!

  4. Thanks for liking Zeros and Ones. I’m fascinated about technology . I was on a train on Saturday and four middle-aged ladies were discussing the pros and cons of their devices, which amused me. No one could have known it would touch our lives so profoundly. I love your writing and look forward to more. .

  5. Glad you stopped by my blog. I hope I inspire thought. Your blog looks nice and you have a way with words. Remember, a writer writes because he / she is a writer not for profit or some other reason; although I admit selling my work would be nice, if only to validate my opinion of the acceptability of my writing. I also find solitude comforting.

  6. Happy to learn about your taking recourse to writing for the fun of it. I feel that it is the right approach. We need not think of the commercial angle right from the start. All the best.

  7. It is funny how quickly we forget some things, and can never seem to get others out of our minds. I wish you luck and happy revelations along your journey. Thank you, Beibyblu for visiting my blog :)

  8. what an excellent idea and view of life. I can`t wait to explore new, good songs. Btw: I actually took the time to read this, as the text on the front of your blog really got to me!

    Cheers, N.

  9. Thanks for liking a post on your blog. I checked out your posts and love the idea. Music is very much a part of our lives. I often hear a song, and I’m thrown back in time. I look forward to reading your posts.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Doors – Riders On A Storm post, I love the way music sparks a memory and how even new music can spark an old memory

  11. what a great idea! I agree completely, music always puts me back in moments and can trigger so many emotions through memory of people once loved, or even passion once shared. Here is to loads of awesome memories, cheers!

  12. Thanks for liking “The language of the birds”. I think you have chosen a most excellent theme to both inspire, and give structure to your urge to write. It is simple, different, and meaningfully relevant.

    I like it :-)

  13. I love the way you think, about writing and your motive. Indeed music and memories and words have always been intertwined for me. And thank you for the like on Shadows.

  14. There are few better reasons to write than because you can/want to. I write because I must organize my thoughts to clear my mind. Otherwise, I am a dog chasing its tail, mentally. My brain goes around and around and around, like there was no conclusion had.

    I am also an audiophile and feel influenced by music, though I don’t write much about music currently. I am now inspired to pick a song that means something to me and write out what it means, but I suppose I might forget that I want to do that once all my chores are finished for the day.

  15. beibyblu, firstly: man, what an interesting way you’ve chosen to frame your memories. I love it. Secondly: thanks for reading ‘Dibs’. I was worried the dialect wouldn’t work. Well, you have a new reader, so I hope you keep writing. Thanks.

  16. Thank you for the like! I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog premise is unique and interesting. It is amazing how a song and spark a memory and I love you utilize music to record your past.

  17. I like your idea of linking songs with memories. Our memories are forever linked with our senses. And sound is definitely one of them. So is smell. When I smell coffee, I remember Grandma’s kitchen.

  18. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’ today. I truly appreciate it, and even more so for liking it. I really liked what you had to say here, and your own reasons for writing. That is rather sweet you want to write about your past girlfriends, friends and family. Creative on using songs to mix in with your posts. Have a wonderful day :)

  19. Hello – Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my blog. Like you, for me writing has proven to be a wonderful tool for connecting and sharing. Keep on writing!

  20. Hi there,beibyblu, and thanks for liking my post. Your taste in music is pretty cool, too. I’m a fan of the old blues guys – Howling Wolf et al. Nothing like them in the small hours of the morning.
    Travel well!

  21. I am very pleased that you liked my poem, Monk and Traveller. I am new to WordPress and it will take me a while to get used to being here. Living in Liverpool, England, as I do, I like The Beatles, as you do. I am glad that your grandmother liked Penny Lane. I still smile when I see a Penny Lane bus. I like Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, too. Nothing brings back memories more than a song, so I think the theme of your blog is a good idea.

  22. Right on buddy. in the end, it seems like we all live for the music. thanks for checking out my stuff and i look forward to hearing the next song. JT

  23. What an amazing project, starting a blog to remember not to forget… wasn’t it Dick Clark that said “Music is the soundtrack of our lives?” It’s one of my favourite quotes, because it is so true.
    Every song reminds you of something, if not someone. Good luck on your blog, will look forward to reading it :)

  24. Excellent idea for a blog; the power of music to transport one back to specific times and places is a wondrous thing. There are songs that I still struggle to listen to/love greatly due to the specific memories, or feelings, that they hold.

  25. Hey I just wanted to thank you for liking my first post! I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s people like you that make me want to continue pursuing this blog. I’m just starting out and am looking to follow more people. I followed you, your blog seems interesting and I love your message. I love music as well and it definitely inspires me to write and keep moving forward. Keep up the good work!

  26. Awesome and intriguing thoughts. Thank you for checking out CaptivEATing :)
    Looking forward to reading more of your memories. I believe we can be reminded of some of our own memories through some of yours, so I can’t wait to keep reading and have something spark in my own mind.
    Happy writing :)

    • Thank you for the kind the comment! I like your blog too, although after reading your posts suddenly my box of cereals (which was going to be my dinner) doesn’t do it for me anymore…. Cheers!

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